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Researchers look for new ways to treat mental health issues in veterans

WACO -- Waco VA and the Texas A&M Health Science Center are working on some state of the art research. It's all to find new ways to treat war veterans with mental health problems after combat.

Crackdown on drug tafficking in Central Texas

BELL COUNTY -- There's a big crackdown going on in Central Texas on drug trafficking.

Twilight Rapist indicted in Falls County

WACO -- The man suspected of being the Twilight Rapist has been indicted by a Falls County Grand Jury.

24 parents arrested for not paying child support

McLennan County Sheriff, Larry Lynch, arrested 24 McLennan County parents who have not been paying child support.

Trial in progress for man inolved in home invasion robbery

A Waco man is on trial for a home invasion and robbery that took place in December 2009.

Waco man accused of sexually molesting child multiple times

A Waco man is being accused of sexually molesting a child multiple times, but the suspect, Herbert Patterson, is denying all accusations at this point. Police say Patterson first assaulted a child in October of last year.

Budget debate begins, local take on 2012 federal budget proposal

WACO -- In his 2012 Federal Budget Proposal, President Obama makes it clear he wants to cut wasteful spending and invest in the future.

Man missing after bus trip to Waco

WACO -- An Austin man is missing after a bus trip to Waco. 51-year-old Michael Leroy Eason has been missing since Dec.

Police look for woman in fraud case

WACO -- Police are looking for a Waco woman who is responsible for fraud. Police say she stole more than $8,000 by forging checks. A picture shows the woman leaving Academy Sports on New Rd.

Crystal Methamphetamine, "ICE" becoming popular in Waco area

The purest form of Crystal Methamphetamine is know as "ice". It can be smoked, injected, and sometimes snorted, and can be deadly. Investigators say this drug is becoming very popular in the Waco area