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Waco Fire Department uses new technology for fire safety education

The Waco Fire Department responded to more than 9,000 emergencies last year. They partner with schools to provide fire safety education to children to reduce those numbers.

Victim describes being robbed at gunpoint near Baylor University

Police say they are still searching for a man that robbed a Baylor student. The incident happened at Speight Jenkins Apartments Saturday. One of the victims, Ben Roberts, says he and his friend were on the porch around 9 p.m.

Residential Crime down 60% due to Crime Free Housing Program

WACO, TX--- 29 properties are now part of the Waco crime free housing program. The program is designed to keep drugs and illegal activities away from the residences.

Texting while driving is extremely dangerous

WACO TX.---Texting while driving has become a cause of destruction on the roadways. This matter has been taken lightly for too long now, and is very dangerous for everyone on the road.

Waco ISD hopes to have new superintendent by early 2011

WACO, TX --- The Tribune reports Waco schools could have a new superintendent by late February or March of next year. Waco ISD previous superintendent Roland Hernandez left the district for a job in Corpus Christi in July.

Gatesville teenagers arrested for alleged hazing incident

GATESVILLE - Six Gatesville teenagers were arrested for alleged sexual assaulting another student. Courtney Francisco reports in the above video.

Early morning robbery at convenience store

Two dark skinned black males, approximately 30 years of age, entered the Skinny’s at 3225 Hillcrest at approximately 0300 this morning and robbed the store.

Baylor launches campaign to help students financially

In response to students' concerns about rising cost tuition, Baylor is launching a campaign to raise $100 million for scholarships.

Cameron Park contruction is in progress

Cameron Park is on its way to completion including many new additions. Improvements will include renovating Circle Point, the Clubhouse, the disc golf course, and many other buildings within the park.

Alzheimer's awareness

One of the biggest factors of minimizing the effects of Alzheimer's Disease is becoming aware of your symptoms and seeking help at an early stage.