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Waco airport soon getting full body scanners

WACO -- Waco airports will soon be getting the controversial full-body scanners that scan under the clothes for any harmful items.

Cell phone tracking devices put domestic crime victims at risk

Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between ages 15-44. Now, with GPS tracking devices on cell phones, these victims can be found by their abusers, down to their exact location.

Dallas woman sentencted to 59 years in federal prison on multiple charges

A Dallas woman was sentenced in Waco's federal court on Monday, for drug, money laundering and firearm charges. Marisela Villa, a 22 year old from Dallas, shot a Dallas SWAT team member, during a drug raid in 2007.

Woman pleaded guilty to stealing money from local church

A woman pleaded guilty Monday, to a theft for more than 100,000 dollars, from St. Jerome Catholic Church.

3,400 troops to deploy from Fort Hood

FORT HOOD -- 3,400 troops from Fort Hood will be in Afghanistan this Spring. 700 from the Division Headquarters and 2.700 from Air Cavalry Brigade will be going.

Police identify shooting victim in Killeen

KILLEEN -- Police identified a man who was found shot in a vehicle in Killeen early Saturday morning. The victim is 30 year old Jed Paul Naisbitt. He was an active duty soldier at Fort Hood.

Fire officials investigate three fires Sunday

WACO -- Fire officials are investigating three fires that happen Sunday. Victims are shaken when returning home to look at what's left of their belongings. It's all after three separate fires broke out in Waco.

New bills related to cell phone use will driving

Texting while driving has become a cause of destruction on the roadways. More than 16.000 people died in car accidents related to texting while driving from 2001-2007.

Catholic Bishop may have crossed boundaries

A priest from a Catholic church in Waco, left the church informing Parishioners that he was taking a sabbatical. Now, members of the congregation are concerned about what could be an "inappropriate situation".

Local bar fight injuries two policemen

A bar fight took place Saturday, at El Rancho Bar. Multiple police agencies were called to the scene when gun shots were fired into the air by someone in the crowd.