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Man caught in the middle of gunfire, shot in face

On Thursday around 10 p.m., 23-year-old Edrick Dawkins of Waco was in the parking lot of the Lakewood Villas apartments at 1601 Spring when he heard two men yelling. One of the men ran by him and Mr.

New development plans for North Waco

Waco housing development coordinators and Mission Waco are working together to plan a "Better Block Project" in North Waco. They believe this area has great potential to be built up similar to the Oak Cliff neighborhoods in Dallas.

Waco High works to eliminate bullying in schools

WACO -- A study done by the American Justice Department found one in four students will be abused by another youth this month, and each day, 160,000 children miss school for fear of being bullied. At Waco High School, students are wor

New welding technology introduced at Texas State Technical College

Business professionals traveled from around the United States to Texas State Technical College to introduce new technology for welding, which is taught in high schools and colleges around the nation.

Election update

MCLENNAN CO -- A Washing D.C. newspaper poll released Wednesday shows Edwards trailing Flores 12 points. The poll shows 50 percent of likely voters supporting Flores and 42 percent supporting Edwards.

Waco FD needs your help

The Waco Fire Department has the opportunity to win $10,000 by getting 2,000 people to take a fire safety quiz online by this Sunday, Oct. 31st.

Fire officials warn of dangerous conditions

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Drought-stricken Southeast Texas could see dangerous wildfires on Thursday as a cold front sweeps through the region, bringing with it gusty winds and dry conditions.

Theater in Belton staging a comeback

Belton, TX - The Beltonian Theater at the heart of downtown Belton is, once again, open for business.

Obesity healthcare costs nearly double

A recent study shows that obesity care finances across the nation have doubled since the last report. The study reveals that this specific type of medical care could cost around 170 billion dollars a year.

Democrats call for election officials to investigate a poll watcher training session

MCLENNAN CO. -- The Democratic Party in McLennan County is calling for the disqualification of a group of Tea Party poll watchers who attended a training session Tuesday.