Local News

Vice President Biden visits Gulf

Vice President Biden visited the Gulf of Mexico Thursday, touring one of the staging facilities and meeting with residents affected by the disaster.

Foreign company buys Waco-based company

The sale of Waco-based American Amicable Group is complete. The new owner made the announcement Tuesday. A Canadian company paid $145.3 million to buy the company.

Movie shot in Waco

Waco residents should not be surprised if they occasionally spot a scene that looks familiar in a movie.

Teen attempts to smother son in hospital

A 17-year-old Waco woman is charged with trying to smother her 4-month-old son in a Fort Worth hospital room.

Bags of drugs dropped on two homes

Texas police have discovered an abandoned plane they believe was used to drop bags of drugs on two homes. Officials say the single-engine plane landed in a cotton field near the Caddo Mills Airport after running out of gas.

Waco ISD superintendent leaving for another job

Waco ISD Superintendent Roland Hernandez is leaving the district for a job in Corpus Christi.

Car chase in Mineral Wells ends in death

A car chase in Mineral Wells ended with police killing a suspect in the kidnap-murder of a four-year-old boy.

Bill White admits to profiting from overseas oil company

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White says he profited from an oil company overseas.

New group helping local business

"Thrive Business Mentors" is a new group in town that's helping businesses become more successful in the Waco area.

White raises more than Governor Perry

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White says he's raised more money than incumbent Rick Perry. White reported more than $9 million in campaign cash on Thursday.