Local News

Baylor future uncertain

Local economists are beginning to sweat the effects of Baylor possibly leaving the Big XII.

Tensions rise at the border over boy's death

Tensions continue to rise over the death of a Mexican boy earlier this week. U.S. officials were forced to retreat from the investigation Wednesday, as Mexican security forces pointed their guns towards them.

Divers take to the oily Gulf

As scientists begin to predict higher amounts of crude in the water, diver's take to the seas to catch an underwater glimpse.

Officials investigate gas explosion

Officials continue to investigate the cause of a natural gas explosion in Johnson County, killing one worker.

UPDATE: Gas Well explosion in Cleburne kills 1

Officials say a gas well exploded when after a worker began drilling holes for a utility pole. Original reports said three were dead, but now the number is one.

Natural gas explosion kills 1, injures 6

A huge natural gas explosion in Cleburne, Texas killed 1 and sent 6 to the hospital Monday. Officials say a worker was in a truck drilling holes for utility poles when the line exploded.

Texas fishers worry about shrimp

Texas fishers are trying to sooth fears over tainted seafood. One group is working to assure buyers the Gulf seafood and Texas wild caught shrimp on sale in markets will remain safe and clean.

Teen arrested after holding girlfriend at gunpoint

18-year-old Marcus Henderson is behind bars after forcing his ex-girlfriend into a car at gunpoint. Police say the teen left his car and ran into the woods after police began to search for him with dogs and a helicopter.

President Obama says economy on the rise

President Obama says the economy is on the rise. The massive hiring of census workers lifted payrolls last month, and the unemployment rate dipped to 9.7%. Jobs have risen for five straight months.

Houston man caught allegedly contacting al-Qaeda

Government officials say a Texas man communicated with the fugitive al-Qaeda cleric, whose name surfaced in the shootings at Fort Hood.