Local News

Students head back to college

Monday marked the first day of the spring semester for Baylor University. Baylor recorded the highest number of incoming freshmen ever this year, even with the raise in tuition.

State to begin regulating insurance

Texas officials expect to regulate insurance rates under a new federal law. The law requires insurers to justify "unreasonable" increases in premiums.

Cedar Park officer dies in crash

A Cedar Park police officer was killed in a motorcycle accident while training for duty. Investigators are trying to figure out what caused Officer Leonard Reed to crash his bike.

Outdoor watering banned until Saturday

The city of Waco has placed a voluntary ban on all outdoor watering until Saturday. Crews are currently working to fix a giant water pipe that ruptured Wednesday.

Truck smashes into house

Waco firefighters, police and medical emergency personnel attempted to pull a white Ford F-150 from a house, after police say a truck drove into a house.

Baylor makes top 100 of best colleges

The latest U.S. News & World report ranks Baylor University as number 79 on the list of best colleges.

Burglar(s) break into elementary school

Over the weekend, Speegleville Elementary was broken into and vandalized. The suspects broke into the back of the school and once inside, they broke into the school office, classrooms and the teachers lounge.

Waco reaches record high temps

Record temperatures reached 106 degrees in Waco Monday. The National Weather Service says the original record for the day was 105, set in 1951.

Texas sales tax holiday this week

The Texas sales tax holiday is August 20-22. The 2009 legislature expanded the list of items qualifying for tax exemption during the three-day weekend.

Clerk stabbed in convenience store robbery

A Bellmead convenience store clerk died after he was stabbed Saturday. The Waco Tribune reports the man was at the new Quick Food Mart on Old Dallas Highway.