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Oil could head to Texas shores

Reports show the oil in the Gulf could end up heading towards Texas. British Petroleum officials are currently trying to find new ways to contain the oil. In the meantime, officials say the spill is moving further to the west. About 5,000 ga

Commissioners consider adding allegiance and prayer to meetings

WACO - McLennan County Commissioners are considering adding the pledge of allegiance into their meetings. Also in consideration, closing their meetings with prayer. No final decision has been made.

National Guard continues to stave off oil

National Guard members in the Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana continue to help try and contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The parish currently remains in defense mode trying to protect the shoreline at Shell Beach, Hopedale and Delacroix

Elderly man allegedly robs woman at knifepoint

WACO - An elderly man is behind bars after allegedly robbing a woman at knifepoint and trying to sexually assault her. Police say they arrested the 61-year-old Harold Jefferson Saturday. Officials say the woman knew Jefferson before the attack.

Baylor Student under investigation

WACO — A Baylor student is under investigation for a drug and money laundering scheme with prison inmates. Police suspect 22 year-old Natalie Johnson of supplying drugs to inmates from her apartment off James Avenue. Johnson was scheduled

Fire causes power outage in East Waco

WACO - A fire at an electrical substation cut power to thousands of East Waco residents. The fire was put out but left an estimated 7,800 people without electricity and some stop-lights blinking around town.

Waco officials considering red-light cameras

WACO - Waco City Council will meet today to discuss adopting new red light cameras. The current cameras only monitor traffic and do not give out tickets. If approved, the new cameras would snap shots of a law-breaker's license plate and send it

Officials continue to battle oil spill in Gulf

The continues to spread in the Gulf of Mexico, but officials still are giving it their all. The fire hasn't been an adequate match for the oil, so British Petroleum is working on other options. One plan involves a dome-type chamber system to ca

Lake Whitney Park undergoing renovations

WACO - Lake Whitney Park will be making some major renovations after getting a $3 million boost. The 800 acre park will use the money for new bathrooms, better handicap accessibility and new campsites. Renovations should wrap up by the end of S

Cameron Park celebrates 100 anniversary

WACO - Waco's Cameron Park will celebrate it's 100 year anniversary tomorrow. The centennial celebration kicks off with a parade, and will also have a kids play area, a concert and fire works. Organizers say it's a chance for everyone to get to