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Senate seat could be filled by 9/11 survivor

WACO — Kip Averitt's State Senate seat could be filled by a survivor of the September 11 attacks on the Pentagon. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Brian Bromwell said yesterday he's running in the May special election.

Woman indicted after allegedly stealing money from church

The woman suspected of stealing from the Saint Jerome Catholic Church has been indicted. 38-year-old Patricia Poehls will stand trial on a theft of more than $120 thousand dollars from the house of worship. Prosecutors say the alleged theft sta

Businessmen hope to improve park

Waco businessmen are making a push to maintain Lions Park, the 1950's era amusement park, which needs major repairs. Those working on the project hope to have the park fixed up by Memorial Day weekend. The park celebrated its 50th year of opera

Baylor student robbed at gunpoint

WACO - Police say a man robbed a Baylor student at gunpoint. The Waco Tribune reports the assailant first asked the victim for a ride at a South 8th Street Coffee Shop. The attacker ended up making the student take money out of his bank account


The United States has big problems with broadband access, speed and cost, but the Federal Communications Commission's solutions may be too weak to have any lasting impact.

Cat-womans house spared, for the moment

WACO - A 72-year-old cat lover will not have her house demolished. Last October authorities called Kathryn Pace's home a public nuisance, due to strong odors from stray cats that Pace had taken into her home. A recent trial gave Waco the right

Man dies after rolling, ejecting from vehicle

WACO - A DPS spokeswoman says a 31-year-old man was killed Saturday evening after his car rolled on Farm-to-Market Road 933. Jose Arturo Munoz over-corrected and and was ejected from the vehicle. Authorities say Munoz was not wearing a seat bel

Researchers seeking cause of quakes

DALLAS - Investigators believe they found the cause of a number of small earthquakes happening near the Dallas Fort-Worth airport. Researchers from Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas say a saltwater injection operation could

Where Oscar winners will show up next

In Hollywood, you're only as good as your last movie. And when you win an Oscar, the stakes are even higher.