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Caught in the Web: Christmas comes early for man coming home from trip

Here are some stories we found tonight "Caught in the Web":

New gun policy at Fort Hood

Fort Hood is amping up its gun registration policy in the wake of last month's deadly mass shooting. Now soldiers and their families must register any person weapon that is kept there.

Headstone stolen from Waco cemetary

WACO - Part of the headstone of William Cowper Brann has been stolen out of Waco's Oakwood Cemetary. Officials say they believe it was members of a Baylor fraternity who pulled the prank as part of initiation. Brann was a newspaper publisher in

Woman indicted after allegedly taking friend's baby

WACO - Priscilla Lorraine Mechell has been indicted on three felony charges. The Waco Tribune reports it comes after the woman reportedly kidnapped her friend's son, disguised his identity and later left him in a trash bin. Officials say Mechel

Waco charities in need of donations

WACO - Local charities say they need more help than ever to make sure all Wacoans have gifts under the tree this year. Local officials say they mostly need gifts for older children and the elderly. The Director of Friends for Life Norman Murphy

Student hit in I-35 suicide attempt

A Baylor student was hit by a truck while she was lying down in the northbound lanes of I-35 near campus. Officials say McKenzie Fergus knelt down in front of an 18-wheeler in an apparent suicide attempt. The driver reportedly swerved around he

Caught in the Web: LeBron James takes a mid-game snack break

Here are some stories we found tonight "Caught in the Web":

Board approves graffiti removal funding

WACO - A Waco city board has approved $20,000 in funding to remove graffiti from downtown. Officials say any district property owners can used the service upon request. Half of the money will go directly to removing currently graffitied areas.

Moore Academy receives award

One local high school is being rewarded for its college readiness program. A.J.

1 dead, 1 injured in rollover

UNDATED - Douglas Mansell died and Wesley Floyd was injured in a rollover accident in Limestone County over the weekend. Officials say Mansell was driving at a high speed before he lost control of the car and fell into a ditch, rolling several tim