Midway ISD says standardized tests better prepare students for college

Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 12:20pm

The increased number of tests being given to students has been largely debated. Some educators and parents praise it while others say it is excessive. One Central Texas school district says they feel the tests may actually be helping to better prepare students for college.

"There may be another way. There may be a better way. But, right now, the standardized testing is one of the best ways to prepare kids for what they have to take for great college entrance and, hopefully, scholarships," said Traci Marlin, spokeswoman for Midway ISD.

Midway ISD feels increased testing is helping students open doors for their futures.

"We know that standardized testing does make sure that the kids are on level. And, the important part is that they are on level," said Marlin.

The district says they just received statistics that showed their current students have the highest act scores they've had in at least five years. Additionally, 56 of this year's seniors have been recognized as AP scholars, and 10 were honored as National Merit Commended students.

"It felt good to check the box on my college application this Sunday, saying that I was a National Merit Commended," said senior Bethany Blattman.

Across the state, the Texas Education Agency has announced more students have participated in advanced placement, or AP, this year. Students who take AP say they know it's the best way to start on the right track for college.

"I'm trying to get college credit because colleges are really expensive. And, the more college credit you can get, the faster you can graduate and the cheaper it is," said senior David Schwarz.

And, this year's scholars say the best advice for younger students is...

"Study for your tests because you don't know what's going to be on them. Ask questions. Never be afraid to ask questions. I'm a huge believer in asking questions," said Blattman.


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