Midway STAAR scores show great gains

Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 8:24am

Although the state-wide STAAR results released from the Texas Education Agency were largely stable with struggling writing scores, Midway ISD bucked state trends with significant improvements and strong scores in many areas.

Midway’s Elementary Highlights of 2013 STAAR Results
• 3rd Grade Reading increased 3% points over last year’s results (Speegleville increased 9%)
• 3rd Grade Math increased 8% points over last year’s results (Hewitt, CCE, & Spring Valley had double digit increases)
• Speegleville had the greatest gains in 4th grade scores in every subject (4% in reading, 13% in math, and 4% in writing.)
• South Bosque Elementary had 90% or higher on every test (100% in 3rd grade reading and 99% in 3rd grade math).
• Woodway Elementary and Speegleville had 90% or higher in every test except 1 where they both scored 89%.
• Spring Valley had the highest increase of all Elementary test categories (15% in 3rd grade math-80% to 95%). They also had 3 out of 5 tests score in 90% or higher.
• CCE & Hewitt had the greatest increase in 4th grade math scores from last year’s cohort of kids to this year’s (both campuses increased scores 8%).
• Overall, Elementary math scores increases 5%... Our elementary report card is 89% in reading, 89% math, and 87% in writing… Next year, our goal will be to push all of those above 90%.

Midway’s Intermediate Highlights of 2013 STAAR Results
• 5th grade reading increased 11% over last year’s scores (9% increase at River Valley & 12% increase at Woodgate) Overall 94% in Reading and 96% in Math…
• 5th grade math increased 7% over last year’s scores (12% increase at Woodgate)
• This year’s 5th graders increased their reading scores 5% from last year’s total and had an increase in 11% in math.
• 6th grade reading increased 1% point over last year, and this year’s 6th graders increased 6% from their scores as 5th graders.
• 97% of River Valley’s 6th grade math students passed the test.
• Overall, Intermediate Reading scores increased 6% and Math scores increased 3%... Our intermediate report card is 92% in reading, 92% in, and 73% in science… Next year we are focusing on getting science scores to match the rest of the tests.

Midway Middle School Highlights of 2013 STAAR Results
• 6 out of 7 tests at the middle school showed gains over last year’s scores, and there were no tested areas that regressed.
• The greatest gain was in 8th grade math at 13%, followed by 8th grade reading at 7%.
• 8th grade math scores were topped out at 97%, followed by 8th grade reading scores of 96%. Also in the 90th percentile, was 7th reading scores were 91% of the students met satisfactory.
• This year’s 8th graders had double digit gains over their scores from last year (12% increase in math and 10% increase in reading).
• 8th grade science had 3% increase from 81% to 84%.
• Overall the middle school report card is 94% in reading, 89% in math, 84% in writing, 84% in science, and 74% in history. Next year we will continue pushing hard to get continue making gains in all subject areas so we can move even closer to the 90% level.

Midway High School Highlights of 2013 TAKS/STAAR Results
• All 4 exit level tests were in the 90 percentile (93% in math, 98% in ELAR and Science, and 100% in social studies).
• This year’s 11th graders improved their test scores 17% in math over last year’s scores, 13% in science, 3% in social studies, and 1% in ELAR.
• EOC Highlights in 88% in Algebra 1, 91% in Geometry, and 98% in Algebra 2.
• 95% of Biology students passing the test.
• 90% of Chemistry students passing the test
• 91% of students passed the Reading 2 EOC tests, which was an increase of 11% over their EOC scores from last year.
• This year’s freshmen scored 85% on Reading EOC 1, which was an increase of 5% point over last year’s results.


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