MoneyPak scam hits Central Texas

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 3:08pm

WACO -- A green prepaid card known as a MoneyPak card used to make PayPal payments or same-day payments is now a tool for scammers.

"Scams along the lines of you've won a prize, if you'll go get this card, put an amount of money on it so you have it, verify that we can pay taxes off of that. give us the account number, we'll withdraw our taxes and we'll send you your 5,000 dollar TV,"  said Sgt. Patrick Swanton, Waco P.D.

The problem is that TV never comes and now the scammer has your account information.

"They typically are targeting elderly, elderly people and there's been one case where at least over $30,000 has been lost," said Swanton.

Officials tell us while the concept remains the same there are different methods scammers use that you need to be aware of.

"They'll call and start with very nice approach, you've won this amount of money we're excited about bringing it to you," said Swanton.

"There's other ways they might do it, some type of scare tactics. It could be to threaten you that you're electricity will be disconnected," said Richard Kitterman with the Better Business Bureau in Killeen.

According to police scammers use a temporary phone number typically from overseas making it next to impossible to track them.

So remember if someone calls claiming to be from your bank or electric company always verify the information and never handle your finances over the phone.  


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