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Choke hold by cop killed NY man, medical examiner says

The New York City medical examiner's office Friday confirmed what demonstrators had been saying for weeks: A police officer's choke hold on a man being arrested for selling loose cigarettes killed him.

Israeli shells pound Gaza as fate of missing soldier remains unknown

The bloodshed in Gaza showed no sign of letting up Saturday, with 50 Palestinians reported killed amid renewed Israeli shelling following accusations that Palestinian militants captured an Israeli soldier.

Tropical Storm Bertha churns toward Puerto Rico

Tropical Storm Bertha barreled toward Puerto Rico early Saturday, the National Hurricane Center said. The storm had maximum sustained winds of 50 mph and was churning through the Atlantic at 22 mph.

15 injections used in controversial Arizona execution, documents show

A single lethal injection was supposed to speedily end Joseph Wood's life last week. When it didn't, Arizona executioners gave him a total of 15 doses of a novel drug cocktail, according to prison documents released Friday.

Mystery solved: Origin of World Trade Center ship revealed

We now know where an old sailing ship unearthed during the excavation of the former World Trade Center site came from — and how it came to rest beneath what today is lower Manhattan.

Indiana teen pilot, dad raise $1 million for charity despite deadly crash

A California entrepreneur is helping salvage the dream of a father and son from Indiana who died trying to pilot a plane around the world in a record-breaking quest for charity.

Man admits he stuck needles in fresh meat at IL supermarket

 A Belleville man, who told authorities he stuck needles in fresh packages of meat "just for the hell of it" at a Belleville Shop 'n Save, is now charged with seven federal crimes.

Possible evacuation of Americans infected with Ebola triggers fears in US

When a plane took off from Georgia to meet two American missionaries fighting to survive Ebola hemorrhagic fever in West Africa, social media in the United States lit up with fearful reactions.

This Congressman lived on the minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage continues to be a top Democratic economic priority, insisting that higher pay is critical to helping lift the working poor out of poverty. Some members of Congress put their money where their mouth is. Rep.

17,000% interest? Small purchases trigger big overdraft fees

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Even the smallest debit card purchases are leading to big fees for customers who overdraw their bank accounts. While the majority of purchases that trigger overdraft protection are less than $24, the fees customers are hit