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Scientists unveil dinosaur dubbed the 'chicken from hell'

For a Tyrannosaurus rex looking for a snack, nothing might have tasted quite like the "chicken from hell." That's one way Matt Lamanna describes Anzu wyliei, the species of dinosaur that he and fellow paleontologists unveiled Wednesday.

Objects could be Malaysia Airlines debris; weather hampers search

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (CNN) -- Two objects spotted by satellite in the southern Indian Ocean may be debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australian authorities said Thursday, fueling cautious hopes of a breakthrough in an internatio

Ukraine crisis: Kiev defiant on Crimea, EU leaders to meet

KIEV (CNN) -- [Breaking news alert, 8:19 a.m.] Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Russia's national legislature, the Duma, on Thursday that -- speaking "on behalf of" President Vladimir Putin -- he suggests lawmakers ratify an agreement t

Hot spots in the world's happiest countries

Is there pixie dust mixed into the food and drink of the happiest places on Earth? Or is it something in the crisp clear air of many of the world's happiest nations?

Peru to tourists: 'Stop getting naked at Machu Picchu!'

Watch out for bare butts when traveling in Machu Picchu -- incidents of "naked tourism" at the 15th-century Inca citadel are on the rise, and getting under the skin of Peru officials. According to the Peruvian Times, four American tourists were de

'Flappy Bird' will fly back to app stores

Let the flapless among us take heart.

'Star Wars: Episode VII' will take place 30 years after 'Return of the Jedi'

Slowly, details are starting to emerge about "Star Wars: Episode VII." Since announcing a new trilogy of live action "Star Wars" films in 2013, Walt Disney, which acquired "Star Wars'" home Lucasfilm, has been cagey with specifics. But on Tuesd

Shift workers beware: Sleep loss may cause brain damage, new research says

Are you a truck driver or shift worker planning to catch up on some sleep this weekend? Cramming in extra hours of shut-eye may not make up for those lost pulling all-nighters, new research indicates. The damage may already be done -- brain dam

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Arguing the leading theories

 It's been more than 12 days since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing from radar screens, and hard facts about its fate remain in short supply.

The Affordable Care Act wants you

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Less than two weeks remain before the March 31 deadline to apply for the Affordable Care Act and the Obama administration is getting creative in reminding Americans to sign up by trying to reach every demographic imaginable. Th