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House OKs Keystone XL pipeline

Defying a presidential veto threat, the House of Representatives passed a bill approving the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Teen's forced chemo may continue, Connecticut court rules

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the state may continue to force a teenager to undergo chemotherapy treatments that could save her life. The court said that attorneys for the girl -- who is 17 and therefore still a minor -- fail

Flight attendants complained about 'menacing' images on aircraft

Thirteen former United Airlines flight attendants say they were fired for refusing to work a commercial flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong after the airline discovered "threatening" words and "menacing" images drawn on the tail cone of the Boei

Suspects killed in Paris hostage situations, victims freed

Update at 10:31 a.m.:  The Kouachi brothers have been killed in an operation by security forces, the mayor of Othis, France, Bernard Corneille, told CNN.

Watch: Obama proposes free community college in Facebook video

President Barack Obama, in a Facebook video message, says he will announce a proposal on Friday to make two years of community college, "Free for everybody who's willing to work for it."

Woman plunges toilet, discovers giant snake

It rose up from the sewer, but it was more eeeeek! than eeeew! It's hard to explain how a 5-foot boa constrictor nosed its way up into a toilet through the down-pipe in a San Diego office building Wednesday.

Girl, 5, dies after father tosses her off bridge

A 5-year-old Florida girl was killed after her father tossed her from a bridge from his car, police said Thursday. As a St.

Did you visit HuffPo last week? You might have a virus

This past week, The Huffington Post and several major websites displayed malware-laced advertisements that infected computers and locked them down.

Mother defends daughter's decision to reject chemo treatments

The mother of the 17-year-old Connecticut teen with cancer who is rejecting chemotherapy is defending her daughter's decision.

Fallon learns he could've dated Nicole Kidman ... if he hadn't blown it

Nicole Kidman appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday with a story so awkward, it made Jimmy Fallon hide under his desk.