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Amazon takes on eBay ... sort of

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Amazon is the new eBay ... sort of. Amazon has a new feature called "make an offer" that allows customers to place bids, rather than buy outright.

Israel: American arrested for allegedly plotting attacks on Muslim sites

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- An American man has been arrested in Israel for allegedly acquiring explosives stolen from Israel's military that he planned to use to attack Muslim holy sites, Israeli authorities said Tuesday. According to Shin Beit, Israel'

Senate Democrats release report criticizing CIA use of torture

The CIA's harsh interrogations of terrorist detainees during the Bush era didn't work, were more brutal than previously revealed and delivered no "ticking time bomb" information that prevented an attack, according to an explos

Jonathan Gruber: 'I am embarrassed, and I am sorry'

MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber apologized Tuesday for his "glib, thoughtless and sometimes downright insulting comments" about Obamacare and the intelligence of American voters.

Police kill intruder who stabbed student in NY synagogue

A police officer shot and killed an "emotionally disturbed," knife-wielding man who had stabbed a student in a Brooklyn synagogue early Tuesday, authorities said. The man walked into the Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters around 1 a.m., where s

6 killed when small plane crashes into Maryland house

A twin-engine plane crashed into a house in a Gaithersburg, Maryland, subdivision on Monday morning, killing three people in the plane, and a mother and two small boys in the residence, according to local and federal authorities.

Paul McCartney is glad he and John Lennon repaired friendship

Thirty-four years after his friend and songwriting partner John Lennon was shot and killed, Paul McCartney still remembers the jolt of his death.

French Toast Crunch cereal is back!

2006 was the year Twitter debuted and Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status. It was also the last time French Toast Crunch cereal was for sale in U.S. stores.

Hundreds fight fire at Los Angeles construction site

Los Angeles firefighters spent Monday morning battling two fires, both in apartment buildings: one under construction, the other under renovation, fire officials said.