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Medicare paid $23 million to dead people

Millions of dollars' worth of Medicare payments are going to people who aren't alive to receive the money.

Florida mom allegedly forced her three daughters to work as prostitutes

A police sting operation catches a Florida mother allegedly forcing her teenage daughters to work as prostitutes. The mother faces a number of charges, including child abuse.

Saturday's Boston Red Sox victory parade to heal city's marathon wounds

Boston is a land of memory. After all, it's the capital of a commonwealth, not just a state, evoking the colonial era.

Deadly LAX shooting: Why did he do it?

Witnesses to a gunman's mayhem at Los Angeles International Airport are providing the first possible clues to what motivated the attack.

Suspect shot, in custody at Los Angeles airport after TSA officer killed

Authorities are looking into the possibility that Friday's gunman at Los Angeles International Airport was targeting Transportation Security Administration officers, a federal law enforcement official said.

Los Angeles International Airport evacuated after shots reportedly fired

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Parts of Los Angeles International Airport were being evacuated Friday morning after reports of shots being fired there, police said. Airport officials said a police incident began about 9:30 a.m.

Atlanta man shatters coast-to-coast 'Cannonball Run' speed record

Before the transcontinental race in "Cannonball Run," the starter tells the gathered racers, "You all are certainly the most distinguished group of highway scofflaws and degenerates ever gathered together in one place." Ed Bolian prefers the term

Federal court reinstates key part of Texas abortion law

A federal appeals court Thursday reinstated a key part of a new Texas abortion law, considered to be among the most restrictive in the country. The decision came three days after a federal judge struck down the provision, which requires doctors to

3 detained after 'sophisticated' San Diego-Tijuana drug tunnel found

SAN DIEGO (CNN) -- The passageway that zigzagged underground between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, was so sophisticated that officials call it a "super tunnel." The drug tunnel stretched the length of nearly six football fields and had lighting,

More human remains found at California treatment plant

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Investigators found more human remains Thursday at a water treatment facility in Carson, California, a sheriff's official said. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Irys Alvarez said authorities think the remains are related to