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Beaten teen shouldn't have been on bus, grandmother says

The teen who suffered a broken arm in a beating on a school bus "should never have been put on that bus" after complaining about classmates trying to sell him drugs, his grandmother says. The 13-year-old's July beating in Gulfport, Florida, led to

Ex-PTA president accused of making child porn at Washington elementary school

A Washington man is facing federal child pornography charges after allegedly recording and posting online the sexual assault of an 8-year-old girl at an elementary school where he was once the PTA president. Federal prosecutors say David M.

Colcord, Oklahoma, residents told to watch out for blood worms in water supply

The people of Colcord, Oklahoma, might need something a little stronger than Brita filters to remove the impurities from their drinking water. Blood worms -- small, red insect larvae -- have been appearing in water glasses and filters in the rural

Dozens die in Kenya bus crash

At least 37 people were killed following a bus crash west of Nairobi, Kenya, police said Thursday. The wreck took place in the predawn hours in Ntulele, when the bus overturned on the Nairobi-Narok highway.

Detroit grapples with stray dog epidemic

DETROIT (CNN) -- Nineteen-year-old James Johnson found a young pit bull puppy running up Seven Mile Road in Detroit this week. He took her in and named her Trina. It's not the first stray dog Johnson has found on the streets of Motor City.

Untreated Lyme disease: 2 years of hell

For most people it starts with a telltale, bulls-eye rash and flu-like symptoms.

5-year-old Mesa boy getting medical marijuana card

Mesa (KNXV) -- By next week, a Mesa family hopes to be giving their 5-year-old son a drug treatment that's controversial even for adults.

VIDEO: Army dad surprises daughter at school dance

A heartwarming reunion for a New Orleans teen and her father happened at a "Welcome Back to School" dance.

Bar patron swallows human toe

Even in the best of circumstances, Dawson City, Yukon's famed Sourtoe Cocktail doesn't go down smoothly.

The secret lives of hotel pillows

For most of us, hotel pillows are an afterthought. It takes a night of compromised sleeping positions and desperate pillow kneading in an attempt to create matter where none exists to highlight their actual significance.