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Top lawmakers want answers about Obamacare site

Top Republican and Democratic lawmakers on a powerful congressional committee want answers from the Obama administration about the sensitive personal information the government's health insurance website is collecting from consumers and sharing wit

Sheriff's office rug with 'In Dog We Trust' typo sells for nearly $10,000

A Florida sheriff's office has turned a $500 mistake into a $9,650 windfall for charity. The Pinellas County Sheriff's office ordered a new rug, which turned up last week with a typo.

Scientists upload a worm's mind into a Lego robot

A humble roundworm is leading the race in artificial intelligence, showing that it may be possible one day to upload our brains to a computer. Called the Open Worm Project, the research brings together scientists and programmers from around the

Something out of 'Alien': Rare frilled shark caught off Australian coast

It looks like something out of "Alien," but has more in common with "Jurassic Park." It's a rare frilled shark that has been caught by a fisherman in Australia, where no one remembers ever seeing one caught before. With a mouth packed full of

Doomsday Clock moved closer to midnight

The world is closer to doomsday. That's the message from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, which moved its iconic Doomsday Clock up two minutes on Thursday.

Is proton therapy the 'magic bullet' for cancer?

Even after decades of battling one of the world's biggest killers, the treatment of cancer is still an inexact science.

Tom Brady weighs in on 'Deflategate': 'I didn't alter the ball'

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said Thursday he didn't deflate footballs at Sunday's AFC championship game. "I didn't alter the ball in any way," Brady told reporters.