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Russia attacks U.S. oil and gas companies in massive hack

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The Cold War didn't end in the 1990's.

'Drastic action is needed' now to stop Ebola epidemic

The Ebola epidemic isn't getting any better in Africa. The World Health Organization reports there have been 759 cases, including 467 deaths in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia since the outbreak began in March, according to a statement the orga

Belgium defeats Americans, 2-1, ending U.S. hopes in World Cup

It was mere belief against golden talent. Faith didn't prevail. The U.S. soccer team lost its World Cup match Tuesday against Belgium, 2-1.

Facts are short, fear is long in Tulsa as cops search for serial sex attacker

He breaks into homes from the back, either through a window or door. He tends to be covered, and attacks when it's dark.

T-Mobile charged customers for 'hundreds of millions' of dollars in bogus fees - FTC

T-Mobile says it's on a mission to help customers by reshaping the U.S. wireless industry. But the company is now accused of hitting those same customers with hundreds of millions of dollars in bogus charges.

Study: Triceratops took a million years to develop horn

Researchers at the Montana State University have breaking news -- one million years in the making. Triceratops, the three horned dinosaur, didn't always look like the famous silhouette we know and love.

New York cop's conviction in cannibal case overturned

The conviction of a former New York police officer for conspiring to kidnap, torture, cook and eat women has been overturned by a federal judge, who ruled that the evidence against him amounted to "fantasy role-play."

Forbes names Beyonce most powerful celebrity

Beyonce isn't just one of the world's most influential people. She's also the world's most powerful celebrity, according to Forbes magazine.

Reports: Missing Israeli teens found dead in West Bank

The bodies of three Israeli teenagers who authorities said were kidnapped this month have been found in the West Bank, Israel's Channel Two and Channel Ten reported Monday, citing sources in the Israeli military.

President Obama to take executive action on immigration

President Barack Obama plans to take executive action on immigration reform after House Speaker John Boehner told him last week the House won't vote on a comprehensive bill this year, a White House official said.