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Woman killed by 4-year-old in Tennessee cookout

A pistol in the hands of a 4-year-old boy went off during a weekend cookout, killing the wife of a Tennessee sheriff's deputy who was showing his guns to a relative, state police said Monday.

Louisville beats Michigan in epic game to clinch NCAA men's basketball title

The Louisville Cardinals defeated the Michigan Wolverines, 82-76, to win the NCAA Division I men's basketball championship Monday night in Atlanta.

NYPD: For this 'Cookie Monster,' it was 'Me want money!'

C is for "Cookie," or is it "Cash"? A man dressed as the TV character Cookie Monster allegedly shoved a 2-year-old after the child's parents refused the man's demand for $2 for posing for a photo, New York police say. The child was not physical

Exxon Mobile faces lawsuit after Arkansas oil spill

Residents in Mayflower, Arkansas, have filed a class-action lawsuit against Exxon Mobile after a pipeline rupture that allowed thousands of barrels of heavy crude oil to flow into a residential area. They are seeking more than $5 million in damage

Police: Drunk driver calls 911 to report himself after crashing vehicle

Logansport, IN (WXIN) -- A Logansport man was arrested early Monday morning after police said he called 911 to report he was driving drunk and that he needed to be taken off the roadway.

Local company installs new desks to keep employees active at work

Indianapolis, IN (WXIN) -- Employees at an Indianapolis insurance company are on the move.

50 Roosters Found Dead at Alleged Fighting Ring Outside of Patterson

STANISLAUS COUNTY, CA (KTXL) -- Sheriff's say that they have broken up an alleged rooster fighting ring operating at an abandoned dairy farm about seven miles north of Patterson.

Disney star Annette Funicello, dead at 70

Actress, Annette Funicello, long-time Disney and "Beach Party" star, died Monday at age 70 in Bakersfield, California, according to the Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases Inc., and the Official Disney Fan Club.<

7-yr-old boy with brain cancer scores 69-yd TD in Nebraska spring game

The University of Nebraska held its spring game this weekend, giving a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to a boy battling brain cancer.