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Man Loses Tongue in Acid 'Honor Attack' by Woman's Family

A young Muslim woman has been warned by police that her life is in danger after a male friend lost his tongue in an alleged assault using acid in an apparent 'honor attack.'

GOP Report Accuses ACORN of Fraud

Report to be released by top GOP on House Committee accuses group of widespread corruption, calls for probe

Florida Town Fires Manager Married to Porn Star

A South Florida town manager who married a porn star last year was fired at an emergency meeting after the mayor and council members learned about it.

Officer Who Arrested Harvard Prof After Mix-Up Not Sorry

A suburban Boston police sergeant accused of racism after he arrested renowned black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Okla. Trooper Suspended Over Scuffle With Paramedic

An Oklahoma trooper accused of using excessive force while stopping and arresting a paramedic will receive a five-day suspension for his actions from Oklahoma Highway Patrol and must undergo an anger assessment.

'Stars Aligned' for Reform

Obama says health care reform is critical for rebuilding the economy at press conference | FACT CHECK |

Mullen 'Appalled' by Abuse

EXCLUSIVE: Top military commander says in memo he's outraged over photos of detainees being abused

Key GOP Senator Quits Health Talks

Sen. Orrin Hatch steps away from negotiating table, cites concerns about towering cost of plans | VOICE OPINION

Olympic Bomber: Gitmo Detainees Won't Fit at Supermax

The domestic terrorist known as the Olympic Park Bomber says the U.S.

Group: Your Oscar Mayer Needs a Warning Label

The Cancer Project, an offshoot of a pro-vegetarian organization, wants to force hot dog makers to use warning labels.