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Boy Who Fled Chemotherapy Angry About Treatments

A 13-year-old boy with cancer who fled Minnesota last month to avoid chemotherapy says he's angry that a judge has ruled he must continue getting the treatment.

Iranian Family Told to Pay $3G for Bullet That Killed Son

An Iranian couple who lost their only son amid violent protests in Tehran say they were told they would have to pay a $3,000 fee to recover his body in order to cover the cost of the bullet that killed him, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Berlusconi Tells Magazine He Never Paid Women for Sex

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi has told a gossip magazine he has never paid a woman for sex, denying the latest allegations stemming from his purported fondness for young models and starlets.

Teen Won't Face Child Porn Charges for Nude MySpace Photos

A 14-year-old New Jersey girl who posted nude pictures of herself on will have child pornography counts dropped.

Celebrity Blogger Gets Earful Following Gay Slur

After Perez Hilton's slur-laden reaction to an alleged assault by the manager of the Black Eyed Peas, even former allies of the celebrity blogger have turned against him.

Iranian Soccer Stars 'Retire' Over Wristband Protest

Iranian authorities reportedly have told four players on the nation's soccer team to turn in their cleats after they wore green wristbands in a show of solidarity with the country's opposition leader

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Sued for Plagiarism

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being sued by a woman who is claiming that the 'View' host plagiarized her idea for a book about celiac disease

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick Welcome Twin Girls

'Sex and the City' star and husband welcome two baby girls to their family via surrogate

Penn State Student Arrested on Murder Plot Charges

A Penn State student was arrested June 11 in connection with allegedly plotting to kill a police informant, according to court documents.

Saudi Prince Says He Supports Women's Sports

Appealing to a powerful Saudi prince, an 8-year-old girl asked why she was not allowed to play sports in school like boys.