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Texas Border Patrol agent fired upon, shoots back killing smuggler

A split second decision on the border ends with an illegal immigrant dead and a Border Patrol agent on administrative leave.

1,900 miles, 7 months, one man on the Rio Grande

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, TX (ZACH ARMSTRONG) -- The Rio Grande River stretches nearly 1,900 miles, and one man has made it his mission to travel the entire distance. But what is the meaning behind the journey he calls, "Disappearing Rio Grande Expediti

Civil Rights Groups nervous about Supreme Court case on housing discrimination

Civil rights groups are concerned that the Supreme Court is poised to make it more difficult for people to bring housing discrimination claims under federal law. Under the Fair Housing Act -- passed in 1968 -- it is unlawful to "make unavailable

Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick Take Oath of Office

In a moment he called "highly improbable," Greg Abbott became the 48th

'Put'em in a Coffin': The new, destructive social media game

"Put him in a coffin," it's the latest social media driven, destructive, attention getting prank to hit the internet. You can find it all over YouTube.

Missing Texas dog travels more than 1,000 miles, turns up in Indiana

Kokomo, IN (WXIN) -- It's a reunion nearly eight months and more than a thousand miles in the making, as a missing pit bull from Texas is discovered in central Indiana. One-year-old Blue was dropped off at the Kokomo Humane Society two weeks ago

Paying respects to real 'American Sniper'

The Oscar nominated film "American Sniper" debuted over the weekend.

Grateful Dead reuniting for 50th-anniversary shows

The Grateful Dead is planning on making one final splash -- or should that be "Ripple"?

Families not allowed to see inmate victims in Texas prison bus crash

Family members of inmates who survived Wednesday's bus wreck are frustrated. They want to see their loved ones at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, but can't.

Federal hearing: 26 States fighting to stop President's executive order

In Brownsville federal court, Texas and other states are pushing for a temporary injunction to block President Barack Obama's executive order, that will reduce the threat of deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants.