Study: Most recent high school grads not in college don't have full-time job

Thursday, June 7, 2012 - 12:52pm

High school seniors just tossed their graduation caps into the air, and are now making plans to start the next phase in their lives.

For many, that involves college, but others choose alternate paths.

A new report released Wednesday found three out of four recent high school graduates that aren't going to college don't have a full-time job.

People at a local staffing company have an idea of why they think that might be.

"Kids that are just coming out of high school that are not going to college on a full-time basis have a hard time being taken seriously," said Megan Adcock of Snelling Staffing Services in Tyler. "Employers we work with are looking for a specific type of experience, and if they haven't worked in that industry previously, then it's hard to get the foot in the door."

So how can you get that foot in the door?

Adcock says overdress for the part, find a way to stand out from those that already have experience, and don't ask about money and benefits right off the bat.

"The employer is in it for how are you going to come in and be an asset to the business and grow or serve customers better," Adcock said.

Adcock hopes in the future, schools add more technical training to their curriculum.

As far as local jobs that pay well and are available here Texas, Adcock says there are a lot of manufacturing jobs, including welders, fitters and machinists.

There are many medical office-type positions available, too, where recent grads can start as a receptionist and work their way up.

Retail is a good option, too.

When searching for jobs, Adcock says to keep in mind how certain positions can help you in other lines of work down the road.


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