Temple Police close investigation of fatal dog attack that took the life of 2-year-old girl

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 6:17pm

Investigators from Temple Police Department's General Investigations Unit met with the Bell County District Attorney to present their findings in the death of Je'Vaeh Mayes, 2, of Temple.

After review, it was found that no criminal offense had been committed by any person present at this accident and the investigation is now closed.

Upon completion, the animal's custody was given to the City of Temple Animal Control.

The dog had remained in quarantine through Friday, February 28th, at which time the quarantine expired. The owner of the animal failed or refused to claim the animal from the shelter despite numerous calls from city officials.

On Wednesday, the animal was declared abandoned and was euthanized in accordance with the City of Temple Ordinance.

The two younger dogs were quarantined and reported to be healthy and socializing well.

They will be made available for adoption through the City of Temple Animal Services at a later time.

On February 17th at 11:27 a.m. in the 800 block of east Avenue M, officers were called to reports of a dog bite.

While en route to the call, an officer who was conducting an unrelated investigation at the Scott and White Emergency Department, notified dispatch that a small child had reportedly been attacked by a dog was just admitted to the hospital.

Officers went to both locations to conduct investigations into both incidents.

The results of the investigation found that both calls came from the same place.

Officers found that a pitbull, which was being watched for a family acquaintance, had been secured in the backyard of the house. A two-year-old girl at the home entered the yeard without her parents' knowledge.

At some point the dog attacked the child resulting in severe, life-threatening injuries.

When parents found the child, she was taken to a local hospital where, Je'vaeh Mayes, 2, of Temple, later succumbed to her injuries.

Members of the Temple Police Department send their deepest condolences to the family during their time of mourning.


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