Texas declares liquefied petroleum gas emergency

Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 11:13am

In response to harsh winter conditions gripping most of the country and an accompanying shortage of essential resources, Texas is joining other states in declaring a liquefied petroleum gas emergency.

To assist in alleviating the liquefied petroleum gas shortages in other states, Lt. Governor Dewhurst, in coordination with Gov. Rick Perry’s office, is temporarily waiving Texas licensing, permitting, and certification requirements regarding liquefied petroleum gas trucks and operators.

This waiver applies only to liquefied petroleum gas trucks and operators meeting all certification, permitting, and licensing requirements of the federal government and another state whose governor has declared or declares a liquefied petroleum gas emergency.

The temporary waiver will remain in effect for 14 days.

"Texas is the leading producer of liquefied petroleum gas in the nation and it's not our nature to sit idly by when our neighbors are in trouble, " said Dewhurst. "We'll do what it takes to relieve the shortages because it's the right thing to do and keep our neighbors to the north in our prayers as they battle the cold."



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