Vacant home now ashes, family suspects arson

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 3:43pm

WACO -- A house fire in Waco may be connected to two others after family members tell us three of their properties have all turned to ash this year.

Waco firefighters arrived at the 800 block of N. 17th early this morning to a vacant home engulfed in flames.

Family members say the property was owned by the late Mary Chavez who owned multiple properties and housed VA veterans in need of a home.

Now, two homes have been destroyed and one has fire damage.

"My mom worked real hard, you know to get where she was at. And to see everything go up in smoke, you know, for me there's no reason for it. I mean everything should have stayed intact and be given to the family members, but, everything is ashes," John Perez, son of Mary Chavez said.

The family also tells us they believe it may be arson, however the fire department is still investigating and would not comment.





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