VIDEO: TX nuns rooting on the Spurs

Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 4:11pm

It all comes down to Thursday night.

The San Antonio Spurs take on the Miami Heat in game seven of the NBC Finals.

A group of unlikely Spurs fans are calling on a higher power to help them win.

"What happened," it's the question a lot of Spurs fans are asking. Even Salesian Sisters of St. John Boscoe thought the Spurs had game six in the bag.

It was very close game but in the end, the Heat took the win from the Spurs.

"They stole it from us, " says one nun. "There was a mistake somewhere!"

The outcome of the game couldn't take the faith from these ladies.

These are nuns with a habit of watching the Spurs.

"Go spurs go," say the nuns.

You could say they follow them religiously, especially Sister Rosalba Garcia. Her walker is even decked out in Spurs gear.

"Go Spurs go! We wish you the best! Drive for five! You know that right" says Garcia.

The sisters say they're sure the Spurs will take game seven. They have some special connections to make sure it happens maybe not with the NBA or the refs but with the man upstairs.

"We're praying for them," they say. "We ask the Lord to bless them for the next game. Forget about this one."

"I have St. Joseph, I have the Blessed Mother and the three rosaries a day for the Spurs," says one nun.

The sisters say there's no room for doubt. They'll have "none" of that.


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