Waco Police Neighborhood Services Detectives Facebook page 'more successful than ever imagined'

Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 11:22am

It's been a year since the Waco Police Neighborhood Services Detectives opened their Facebook page. Since they've created it, the officers say "it's been more successful than ever imagined."

The page reports posting 83 cases, which include pictures of persons needing to be identified. Out of those 83 cases, 29 have been identified, with 26 of those people resulting in charges being filed against them. 16 of those charged were felony cases and 10 resulted in misdemeanors.

The department attributes this success to the ever watching community.

"The page works only because of the citizens help. It also works because of the hard work by all the Detectives that post pictures asking for your help. I have nothing to do with getting a case solved. The Detective submits the picture and if a tip comes in they do all the work. As a matter of fact the ones from my own cases that i posted have never been identified. I could quit tomorrow and the page would rock right along because of the help you guys give the Detectives. It starts with y'all pointing us in the right direction and the individual Detective doing the leg work to finish the case," wrote officer A.M. Whelchel of Waco PD on the Waco Police Neighborhood Services Detectives Facebook page.

The page was officially launched on April 25, 2012. To date, it has more than 5,000 'likes'.


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