Walmart confirms plans for west side of Bryan

POSTED: Thursday, September 20, 2012 - 4:47pm
UPDATED: Friday, September 21, 2012 - 4:35pm

BRYAN -- After months of speculation the rumors are confirmed the world's largest retailer is coming to the west side of Bryan.

Lauren Holman gives us a look at where Walmart plans to settle and how those living near the supercenter feel about the move.

The signs of growth in Bryan are everywhere these days.

"This part of town you never thought would grow really big but now that you look at it it is getting big," said Cody Goertz.

Just drive down FM 2818 to see the surge in construction projects and now a new one to add to the list: the world's biggest retailer has announced plans to build a supercenter near the Old Texas Hall of Fame.

"I think it'll help attract local businesses here and help the retailing industry in general especially with this side of town booming the way it is," Goertz said.

Not everyone agrees though.

Bryan resident Seth Williams fears Walmart will hurt other small businesses in the area.

"The mom and pop shops will definitely be destroyed out here. that's what Walmart does by them coming out here to our local economies. They'll take out say Mr. Jones hardware store that he's had here for 50 years."

But no matter how you feel about the new supercenter it's inevitable. Change is coming to the westside.

Walmart purchased 21 of 50 acres available and we're told the 150,000 square foot store is expected to be open by 2014.


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