West Nile could bench football fans

Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 4:12pm

WACO -- Football season starts this Sunday for Baylor fans, but doctors warn fans must take precautions against West Nile.

Mosquitoes most often bite during sunrise and sunset, and for football fans, the stands fill up, when the sun is going down.

Doctors tell us nearly every day a new West Nile case is confirmed and those with any kind of compromised health are the most at risk.

So they may need to sit this part of football season out.

"It may actually be something you choose not to get yourself in that risk. Because that high risk for our elderly with especially any other medical problems is a concern that this could actually be life threatening," Dr. Tim Martindale, family medicine physician with Providence said.  

For those not in the high-risk category, doctors say wear long sleeves and pants and spray repellent containing "Deet".


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