Teachers obtaining master's degrees and certifications in a dual program

The field of teaching is becoming more competitive, so teachers are seeking higher levels of education to be better equipped for the classroom.

Czech Republic plans to donate $200,000 to West recovery efforts

The Czech Republic plans to donate four million koruna, which is about 200,000 American dollars, to help the town of West to recover.

Water expected to be restored soon in West

West city officials are saying water in certain areas could be restored as early as tomorrow.

TX doctors offer free fertility consultations

In recognition of National Infertility Awareness Week, two Dallas-based fertility specialists will offer free consultations on Saturday, May 4th.

Was 'Idol' eyeing J. Lo to replace Mariah Carey?

Simon Cowell's "The X Factor" might not be the only Fox singing competition headed for another season of change.

Israel forces shoot down a drone

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- The Israeli air force shot down a drone approaching the nation's coast Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces said.

Bush 43: 'History will ultimately judge ... I'm a content man'

DALLAS (CNN) -- George W. Bush is a proud new grandfather and fascinated by his unlikely new hobby: painting.

Dartmouth cancels classes after student protest, online threats

Dartmouth College canceled classes Wednesday after a student protest sparked a threatening backlash on a campus online forum, according to a college spokesman.

Suspects' mother shares doubts about Boston bombing

The mother of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing says she believes the tragedy that killed three people and injured dozens more was staged, that the bombing was fake. "That's what I want to know, because everybody's talking about it

2 fuel barges on Alabama's Mobile River explode; 3 people hurt

Fires burning aboard a pair of barges on Alabama's Mobile River died down early Thursday, hours after a series of explosions loud enough to be heard 20 miles away, a fire spokesman said.