Obama announces $100M to unlock mysteries of the brain

President Obama on Tuesday will unveil a $100 million initiative to research the human brain, in hopes of unlocking further understanding of brain disorders.

North Korea says it plans to restart shuttered nuclear reactor

After weeks of hurling threats at the United States and its allies, North Korea announced Tuesday it will restart a nuclear reactor it had shut more than five years ago.

Federal public defenders hit hard by budget cuts

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Furloughs, delayed cases, smaller paychecks and weekend work.

Guns on campus: NRA to announce school safety measures Tuesday

The nation's largest pro-gun lobby is set to prominently return to the debate over gun rights and restrictions this week when it unveils the conclusions of its school safety initiative in Washington on Tuesday.

Prosecution pushes death penalty for Colorado theater shooting suspect

CENTENNIAL, Colorado (CNN) -- The man accused of killing a dozen people in a shooting rampage at a Colorado movie theater had offered to plead guilty if authorities would spare his life. But the prosecutor denied that request Monday, announcing th

Explainer: What is the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas?

As investigators scramble to figure out who killed two Texas prosecutors, suspicions abound over whether the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas played a role.

Few clues in Texas prosecutor killings leave public officials apprehensive

KAUFMAN COUNTY, Texas (CNN) -- As state and federal investigators flood this north Texas county searching for clues in the killing of two prosecutors in two months, the 100,000 people who live here can do little but nervously watch, and hope.

Pipeline leak brings crude reality to Arkansas

Heavy crude oil flowing like a river through a central Arkansas neighborhood could keep residents away for several more days as crews work to clean it up.

In Georgia, town requires gun ownership

Nelson, a small Georgia city north of Atlanta, is requiring the head of virtually every household to own a firearm, the city's clerk told CNN Tuesday. The community's five-member council voted unanimously to approve the measure Monday night.

Lorena woman killed in tractor accident

A family is mourning the loss of a grandmother who died today in a tragic tractor accident. A Lorena woman in her sixties was riding on the front of a tractor her husband was driving just behind their home.