Senate panel passes ban on assault-style weapons

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- In a meeting rife with angry and emotional exchanges, the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved a new ban on semiautomatic firearms modeled after military assault weapons.

Arizona woman's murder conviction, death sentence overturned

After 22 years on death row, Debra Milke is close to freedom.

Workers injured stage accident in Miami

An incident at a stage being set up for a weekend music festival injured at least two people in Miami on Thursday night.

Mother of teen shot by N.Y. police demands investigation

The mother of a Brooklyn teenager shot and killed by police demanded an investigation Thursday, saying he was "slaughtered" and that she wants to know why.

New York pushes NFL on discrimination due to sexual orientation

New York's attorney general wrote NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday, urging him to firmly state that potential players won't be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.

After years of separation, 32-year-old man to be adopted

A boyhood wish is finally about to come true. But Maurice Griffin had to wait until he was a man for it to happen. At age 32, the California man is about to be adopted.

East Waco future looks bright, vibrant

Dr. Nancy Grayson starts baking at 5 A.M everyday. Last fall she opened a bakery and coffee shop on Elm Street called Lula Jane’s.

Killeen PD, Ft. Hood team up to improve care of strays

The Killeen Police Department Animal Control Unit and Fort Hood 43rd Medical Detachment Veterinary Service Support (MDVSS) are partnering to improve the care of stray and feral animals while at the Killeen Animal Shelter.

Five stories you may have missed during the papal conclave

LONDON (CNN) -- The election of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church and spiritual leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, has dominated's coverage over the past 24 hours.

Injured Bryan firefighters continue to recover in Galveston

Friday marks one month since the deadly Knights of Columbus fire in Bryan. February 15th is a day no one will ever forget. What happened in the late hours of that night changed the lives of four dedicated firefighters forever.