Five arrested for stealing from Bryan Target

A 45 minute shopping trip at the Bryan Target lands five women in jail for allegedly shoplifting.

Local town loses sole grocery store

Residents in one local town are going to have to drive a little further to get their groceries for the next month or two.

SpaceX doubles Grasshopper results

SpaceX has again successfully tested its Grasshopper rocket. This time the rocket rose to 262 feet, or 24 stories in the air, and hovered there for approximately 34 seconds. The Grasshopper rocket is a reusable rocket.

Waco suspension bridge to get LED lights

The iconic suspension bridge in Waco will soon be swapping old, incandescent lights with new LED lights.

Texas woman using Facebook to search for her biological parents

A Texas woman, who was born in Tyler and adopted by a Dallas couple, is using Facebook to find her birth parents. So far, more than 4,000 people have shared Jessica Miller's Facebook post for help.

Judge stops NYC ban on large sugary drinks, city plans appeal

A state judge in New York on Monday invalidated the city's upcoming ban on sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces in certain venues, a major setback for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has backed several laws aimed at New Yorkers&#3

Multi-million dollar grant aims to send kids to college, finish successfully

Every year, on average, 1.3 million students drop out of high school. Combined with high unemployment rates and decreasing welfare funds, many of these students never have the opportunity to reach their academic and professional potential.

Illegal animal selling in public on the rise in Waco

Spring arriving also means the arrival of new furry babies and people breaking the law. Waco police say they've been receiving more calls lately about people trying to sell puppies in public.

Lower speed limits placed along I-35 construction zones

Expansion work on I-35 through the Waco District of the Texas Department of Transportation continues to increase, both in miles under construction and in the frequency of mainlane closures scheduled.

Japanese tsunami debris makes its way into Hawaiian birds

THE BIG ISLAND, Hawaii (CNN) -- Your first view of Kamilo Beach on Hawaii's Big Island is of majestic rock, postcard-worthy waves and miles of uninhabited beach.