Austin man dies during California triathlon

(CNN) -- A 46-year-old man from Austin, Texas, died Sunday during the swim portion of the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco, according to race officials.

Doctor accused of severing babies' spines with scissors in 'house of horrors'

(CNN) -- The Hippocratic Oath, when properly translated, doesn't actually say, "First, do no harm." But since the time of the ancient Greeks, that's become the mantra for every medical professional.

One injured after late night shooting at a local club

A shooting at a local club leaves one injured last night. Waco officers were called to Big Daddy's Bar in the 700 block of Park in East Waco Saturday night. Upon arrival police were not able to find a victim.

Demolition starts at Florida home where sinkhole devoured man

Unable to rescue a man devoured by a giant sinkhole, workers started demolishing his Florida home Sunday -- three days after the ground under his bedroom opened up and swallowed him.

Researchers document distinctive Hawaii Sign Language

The shaka sign -- a person's thumb and pinkie extended, the rest of the fingers in a fist -- is uniquely Hawaiian, a way to say "right on," "hang loose" or simply hello.

Police station torched as fighting engulfs Egyptian city

Soccer fans in the restive Egyptian city of Port Said clashed with security forces and torched a police station Saturday, the Interior Ministry said.

President Hugo Chavez 'fighting for his life'

The official government line on Hugo Chavez' health has taken a darker tone as political allies and opponents squabble over the handling of the bad news.

Florida calls off search for man swallowed by sinkhole

Authorities in Florida ended the search Saturday for a man presumed dead after a sinkhole opened beneath the bedroom of his family's suburban Tampa home, swallowing him up.

Welcome to the year of the comet (we hope)

First a meteor exploded over Russia, followed closely by an asteroid fly-by. Now, two comets are expected to put on a naked-eye spectacle for sky watchers in the Northern Hemisphere.

Texas Most Wanted featured fugitive reward increased to $20,000

The reward for Jose Angel Cabral, 58, a Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitive has increased to $20,000 for information leading to his capture if the tip comes in during the month of March.