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Natural gas break shuts down Rock Prairie for several hours

Another natural gas line break, this time in south College Station. The break happened near the new Scott and White Hospital off Rock Prairie Road and Highway Six just before 11:00 Wednesday morning.

Alleged teen drunk driver slams into College Station home

Scary moments for one College Station couple early this morning. While they were sleeping, a 17-year-old alleged drunk driver slammed his vehicle into their Magnolia Drive home and then left.

Fort Hood judge says jury won't be swayed by pretrial publicity

The judge in the Fort Hood, Texas, shooting case said the defense failed to show that pretrial publicity would unfairly prejudice a jury.

Rented furniture thefts on the rise in Waco

In Waco, police are on alert after local furniture rental stores have reported a rise in customers failing to make payments.

Congressman slams Obama administration's release of immigrants in TX

On Tuesday, U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (TX-01) challenged at a judiciary hearing decisions made by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director, John Morton.

Rockdale man pleads guilty to murder

A Rockdale man pleaded guilty to first degree felony murder on Monday for the May 6, 2012 shooting death of the woman he was reportedly residing with, Sheila Marie Owens.

Pre-trial hearing keeps Hasan in Fort Hood

Accused shooter Major Nidal Hasan was in a Fort Hood courtroom today and that’s where his trial will remain in the future too.

Water boil notice in Lorena

A water main break Tuesday left some residents in Lorena without water and now the city has issued a boil notice. Construction along Interstate 35 is thought to be the cause of the break.

116 lbs cocaine, 47 lbs heroine seized in TX drug bust

One-hundred sixteen pounds of cocaine and 47 pounds of heroin sit on a table in the McAllen police station. They are the result of a two day investigation ending in a bust Tuesday for the McAllen record books.

TX bill seeks to protect those who film peace officers

People who film on-duty police officers with their cell phones could get extra protections through a bill filed by the chairman of the state Senate Committee on Agriculture, Rural Affairs and Homeland Security.