Why Black Friday shoppers endure the crush

News footage of Black Friday sales, in which shoppers line up after Thanksgiving in search of steeply reduced merchandise, can resemble an episode of the classic nature show "Wild Kingdom."

TAMHSC nursing students get cutting-edge Pyxis machine

This device may look like a cash register but the Pyxis MedStation 4,000 is anything but.

Aggie Bonfire tradition continues even though A&M/UT game doesn't

While the annual Thanksgiving Day game between Texas A&M and UT is no longer that doesn't mean the Aggies let their long-standing bonfire tradition go by the way-side.

College Station man allegedly steals car from used car lot in Houston

A College Station man denies stealing a car from used car lot in Houston but police say property found inside the vehicle links him to the crime.

Where do you find your Thanksgiving gratitude?

Where do you go to feel a sense of gratitude, serenity or peace in your life?

Shoppers beat Black Friday rush by shopping around it

It appears Black Friday hardly waits for Thanksgiving to end before stores open their doors. This leaves us wondering—how many people are sitting around on the holiday waiting for their favorite store to open?

Gas prices set Thanksgiving record high in the nation

Gas prices falling in recent days have helped make for happier holiday travel this year.   However, we still set a new record high.  

Texans saving on the cost of Thanksgiving dinner this year

Did you find that you saved a couple bucks on Thanksgiving this year?

Despite Sandy, Queens family is giving thanks -- together

About this time last year, Kate Rigaut was surrounded by 15 of her closest relatives, heaping turkey, stuffing and two kinds of potatoes onto her plate.

Lawmakers offer helping of holiday thanks with side dish of debt worries

After a heated campaign season, lawmakers expressed gratitude in their Thanksgiving remarks but not without the political undertones of an economy limping back to life and impending fiscal crisis.