Cornyn Calls for Hearings on DoJ’s Failure to Enforce Gun Laws

In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) called on the Committee to hold hearings on the recent drop in gun crime prosecutions by federal law enforcement agencies.

South Carolina fugitive caught in Waco

The McLennan County Sheriff’s office has arrested a man in Waco who has been wanted for shooting at local police officers in South Carolina.

2 more men arrested for murder in Lampasas County shooting

Lampasas County Sheriff's Office has arrested two more men believed to be involved in the shooting death of a Central Texas man.

Temple ISD unveils online progress report system

School districts are constantly using technology to assist in the education of kids and now Temple ISD is rolling out a new system to help individualize student's needs.

Are dorms in the future for McLennan Community College?

Student enrollment is at record numbers for McLennan Community College in Waco. A new idea being discussed right now is whether or not dorms should be brought to the campus.

"American Idol" App officially launches for IOS and Android devices

 AMERICAN IDOL launched an all-new app today with special features to be released over the season, providing IDOL

X Games too extreme? New questions after snowmobile accident

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- It's the kind of image that's too horrific to watch for some, too captivating to turn away for others.

Queens families: Power company to blame for homes burned during Sandy

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Seventeen families from the New York City borough of Queens are planning to sue the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), blaming the company for a devastating fire that destroyed more than 130 homes during Superstorm Sandy.

'Security incident' at Nevada nuclear site turns up 'non-threatening item'

(CNN) -- A "suspicious item" at the Nevada National Security Site caused officials to scramble Tuesday, but it turned out to be "a non-threatening item," a spokesman for the site told CNN.

Man kills Alabama bus driver, holds child hostage underground

CNN) -- A gunman boarded a school bus in Alabama, killed the driver, took a 6-year-old boy hostage and hours later was still holding him in an underground bunker, police said.