Killeen man charged with Aggravated Assault after 15 hour stand-off with cops

A Killeen man is charged with Aggravated Assault in connection with a stand-off he had with police for more than 15 hours into the early hours on Monday.

Killeen man dies from accidental shooting

Killeen Police are investigating the death of a 20-year-old Killeen man who was shot on Wednesday, January 16.

$1M Powerball winner buys ticket at Navasota gas station

What would you do if you hit the jackpot? For most of us, we'll never know. But in Navasota the real million dollar question is who has the winning Powerball ticket sold this weekend?

Traffic stop in College Station catches two car thieves

A routine traffic stop in College Station lands two men in jail for burglary. Police say 20-year-old Jackson Perez and 22-year-old Brandon Gonzalez were pulled over early Tuesday morning.

Austin woman caught stealing from Bryan Walmart

A woman is caught red-handed stealing from a Bryan Walmart.

Study shows Hewitt buildings in bad shape

The City of Hewitt says they need new administration buildings and a recent study proves that point. The city ordered a professional evaluation of the city’s headquarters.

Waco investigating two robberies

Waco Police are now investigating whether two armed robberies on Sunday were related.

Local businesses speaking out about construction obstructing their business

The construction underway in the Waco community is ultimately intended to improve the area. However, local businesses are speaking up about the headache it's bringing to their customers and overall business operations.

Mexia man sentenced to life in prison for killing his father

A Mexia man has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for his role in the death of his father and abducting a woman. Chad Michael Musgrove, 27, allegedly shot his father to death.

3 people shot at college in Houston

Three people, at least two of them students, were wounded in a shooting on a Texas community college campus Tuesday, a school spokesman said.