3 reported missing persons headed to Shreveport could be in Texas

Law enforcement officials in South Carolina are reaching out to the public to help find three missing persons.

Man accused of cutting unborn child from wife blames synthetic drugs

he man accused of cutting a baby from his wife, then slitting her throat talked to members of the media Thursday at his court hearing.

3 sentenced in immigration scam for faking Cuban birth certificates

MIAMI (CNN) -- It sounded like a good deal: Get a Cuban birth certificate, and stay in the United States, worry-free.

'American Idol' returns: What's the verdict?

(CNN) -- Wednesday night marked the return of "American Idol" with brand new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. We never imagined we could miss Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler so much. For the first night, we were treated to auditions from Ne

Review: Facebook's Graph Search is not very useful

(CNN) -- According to Facebook's new search feature, only two of my 526 friends like cats.

New fears for Timbuktu in Mali conflict

(CNN) -- As the violence in Mali escalates following France's intervention to halt the advance of Islamist fighters, UNESCO has issued calls for the protection of the ancient city of Timbuktu, urging armed forces to safeguard the nation's historic an

After 100 episodes, 'Fringe' cast bids farewell

(CNN) -- After 100 episodes of alternate universes, monsters and shape-shifters, Fox's "Fringe" is coming to an end on Friday night

The great reset: Will Obama's second inauguration let America turn the page?

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- On the eve of the inauguration, President Barack Obama's second term may also be America's second chance.

Early morning fire in Temple claims one life

Temple Fire and Rescue responded to a house fire on 813 East Avenue N early Friday morning.