Central Texans combat obesity by learning to cook better

We all know obesity is an epidemic plaguing the United States, but it is a problem we can change. In the last year, obesity rates rose in 16 states, and no state decreased their rating.

Waco lights downtown Christmas tree to kick off the holidays

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Downtown Waco, despite the annual parade being canceled this year to kick off the holiday.  

ETX officer hit on job by alleged drunk driver to be fired this month

A group representing an injured East Texas officer is speaking out after the City of Longview decided to fire to her.

Homes, cars, jobs: Americans already making big decisions over fiscal cliff

(CNN) -- Across the country, a sudden shift is taking place. Bobbie Cleave, a retired teacher in Utah, has put off plans to get a badly needed car.

3 more dead dolphins wash up along the Gulf Coast

(CNN) -- The bodies of two dolphins and the head of another have washed up along the Gulf Coast, raising red flags for federal investigators already looking into roughly half a dozen dolphin killings.

"Zero Dark Thirty" take on bin Laden raid courted controversy from start

NEW YORK -- The new movie about the hunt for Osama bin Laden didn't even have a title when controversy began swirling around how it was made.

Newspaper takes heat over haunting subway photo

(CNN) -- The man in the picture has his back to the camera.

World's oldest person dies at age 116

(CNN) -- Before women gained the right to vote in 1920, Besse Cooper joined the suffrage movement.

Access to elite education, but feelings of exclusion for some students of color

(CNN) -- High school is tough for any teenager, but for Albert Anderson, it was the subtle looks and unspoken words that made him realize he was different. "High school is when people start with the judging," he said.

Fire Station No. 6 officially open for calls in College Station

It's crucial in an emergency to get the quickest response possible from emergency personnel. Now in College Station, firefighters and EMTs will be able to do just that thanks to a brand new station.