Man assaulted and robbed, CS police looking for attackers

A College Station man attacked near the Whataburger parking lot early this morning is now recovering but his two attackers are still on the loose.

Babysitter arrested for abandoning toddler

A two-year-old is found wandering down a College Station street alone after his babysitter left him unattended.

Waco Fire Department investigates 3 fires erupting minutes apart

Waco Fire Department is investigating the causes of three fires started within minutes of one another early Wednesday morning.  

'Career Day' helps Hewitt Elementary students prepare for their futures

We all know that when school takes a break, many times so does children's attentiveness. So, before Hewitt Elementary school students were released for Thanksgiving, they got a hands-on, creative way to look at their futures.

Visual Impact a Must - Make it Big

It has been said that "bigger is better" and this sentiment rings very true in the world of advertising.

Thanksgiving facts by the numbers

1.5 -- The number of pounds of turkey the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line recommends per guest so that you have plenty left over for sandwiches.

Hostess liquidation likely as mediation fails

Hostess Brands said Tuesday evening that a last-ditch mediation session with its bakers' union over a new contract imposed in bankruptcy court had failed, bringing the company closer to liquidation.

Local police on hand for Black Friday

We all know shopping on Black Friday can be fun, but sometimes the rush to get that special sale can turn chaotic, even violent. This Friday there will be undercover cops to keep the peace in parts of central Texas.

Salvation Army readies themselves for next 48 hours

Thanksgiving is less than 48 hours away and Salvation Army wants you to know that there is a plate of hot food for you and your family if you can't make it work on your own.

Death row murderer's brother now behind bars

The brother of convicted muderer and death-row inmate Ricky Donnell Cummings has been arrested and is currently sitting in a Williamson County jail for 7 different charges.