Local man struggling to contact wife in Haiti

SHREVEPORT - One local Louisianan is having trouble contacting his wife in Haiti since the tragic earthquake. George Sisson lives in Shreveport and was married in Haiti just before Christmas.

Freeze causes $70M in damage to Texas homes

TEXAS - Frozen water pipes caused approximately $70 million damage to about 10,000 Texas homes, according to the Insurance Council of Texas, an industry group. The average claim was about $9,000 in North Texas and $5,000 in the Central and South T

Man stabbed in chest after altercation

WACO - Ronald Olivarez was taken to the hospital after allegedly being stabbed in the chest Monday by Israel Garcia with whom he had fought at a bar Sunday night. The Waco Tribune reports police found Olivarez at the Super Plaza Grocery Store Mond

Military review finds disturbing information at Fort Hood

WACO - A military review of the shooting rampage at Fort Hood found Major Nidal Hasan's medical training continued, even with his radical Islamic views. Sources say it also showed he moved up in ranks, despite inappropriate behavior. Hasan is

Waco police using new 3D scanner

WACO - Waco police will now use a 3-d scanner to take more accurate pictures of crimes scenes that will allow for faster evaluation. The Waco Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in the state to purchase the machine. The machin

Salvation Army opens its doors

ORANGE, TX — The Salvation Army opens their doors to the less fortunate as a deep freeze settles into the entire state. This warming center is at the Salvation Army's headquarters in Orange, Texas. The organization has room for abo

Police issue warrants for December shooting

WACO—Waco Police have issued two capital murder warrants for suspects involved in the December shooting of a man at a Waco apartment building. They say the wanted men are Cameron Harrison and Antoine Mitchell both of waco. If you have any

Transportation officials lay blueprint

WACO - Local transportation officials have laid out a blueprint describing funds and schedules for road projects in the next 25 years. In total, officials say the draft plan lists 15 road projects and will increase the frequency of three bus route

Theatre in need of cash and director

WACO - Officials at the cash-strapped Waco Hippodrome Theatre are looking for ways to repair the building. They also have to find a new executive director. The former director resigned in December for health reasons.