Martin Luther King Jr. street closed in Bryan

Bryan driver's heads up: Larry Young Paving, working on behalf of the City of Bryan, will be closing Marin Luther King Jr. Blvd West between Harlem Lane and Bowery Street on Monday, November 26.

Roach-eating contest winner choked to death

A 32-year-old man who died after downing dozens of roaches and worms last month to win a python at a Florida reptile store choked to death, medical officials said Monday.

Small business Saturday a success in Waco this holiday season

This weekend wasn't just about the retail “giants”. Small businesses staked their claim in some of the profits as well, in turn, helping grow our economy.

More air travel means more plane maintenance

"Your flight has been delayed due to a mechanical problem" -- it is something a passenger never really wants to hear especially during Thanksgiving week.

Man arrested in Waco for child porn found on ex-girlfriend's phone

A Central Texas man was taken into police custody this weekend, after his ex-girlfriend discovered inappropriate pictures of numerous under aged children on her cell phone.

'Poison' pen mightier than sword for would-be North Korean assassin

All you might feel is someone brush by you and a slight pin prick. But very quickly you would be suffering muscle paralysis followed by suffocation. You would be dead within a very short period of time.

Retiring lawmakers reflect on remaining challenges

When the new session of Congress begins in January, most of the faces on Capitol Hill will be the same - incumbents in both the House and the Senate overwhelmingly won re-election in November.

Early Beatles audition tape going on the auction block

They were four completely unknown men living in Liverpool in 1962. Ordinary 20-something-year-olds who had formed what seemed to be a very ordinary rock band.

Some Republicans move away from no-tax pledge

Nothing riles up the tea party chattering class like a broken pledge against raising taxes.

Fog suspected in 100-vehicle Texas wrecks that claim at least two lives

At least two people were killed and as many as 120 injured in Thanksgiving pileups involving an estimated 100 cars on a foggy stretch of highway in southeast Texas, authorities said.