Fort Hoos soldier dies in barracks being investigated

FORT HOOD -- Officials released the name of the Fort Hood soldier who died in his barracks on October 3. 32-year-old private Anthony Ray Secatero of Colorado, New Mexico has been on active duty since March 2010.

Man pleads guilty to rape, awaits murder trial

WACO -- The man who pleaded guilty to raping a Lorena woman still awaits trial for murder in Bell County.

Closed downtown restaurant doesn't slow urban development

WACO -- After only five months of business a downtown Waco restaurant is now closed. But even with the recent closure of Garret's fine dining, business owners are still interested in setting up shop in the area.

A&M students petition Gov. Perry's dream act

COLLEGE STATION -- Just a few hours ago the GOP candidates faced off in their 7th debate in New Hampshire, including presidential hopeful Governor Perry.

Dog house building competition benefits animal shelter

BRYAN -- Recently ten architecture teams went head-to-head in a competition to help raise funds for the Brazos Animal Shelter. The teams took an unusual approach to build dog houses.

Early detection best prevention for breast cancer

WACO -- It's breast cancer awareness month and physicians tell Fox 44 increased awareness has increased success rates. It is estimated that over 230,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone.

Arrest made in robbery, shot fired in local neighborhood

WACO -- A man is behind bars tonight for robbing two men right after firing a shot in a Waco neighborhood.

Help for those jobless after wildfires

WACO -- Anyone who lost their job because of the wildfires this year can finally get some help.

Tanning bed use now illegal for minors in California

It's now illegal for anyone under 18 to use a tanning bed in the state of California. The law was passed this Sunday for what California State Senator Ted Lieu says will help save lives.

Investigation continues in Lorena

After a string of burglaries just outside the Waco city limits, police discover evidence in a Bellmead apartment linked to thefts in several other states.