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53-year old man robbed in attack

One person is in police custody after allegedly attacking and robbing a 53-year old man. It happened Sunday morning at around 2:00 a.m. in the 600 block of Ruby.

Meth user smashes into apartment complex office with patio furniture

One person was arrested this morning after an a break-in at the Riviera Apartments.

Cyclist hit running red light

One person taken to a local hospital yesterday after they were hit while riding their bicycle in Waco. It happened around 8:53 p.m. on Waco Drive.

Local non-profit tries to break Guinness world record

BRYAN -- The Mercy Project, a Bryan non-profit organization, is trying to break a Guinness world record this weekend by playing the longest game of baseball.

Bryan high school student arrested and charged with assault

BRYAN -- A Bryan High School student is behind bars tonight after assaulting a school resource officer Thursday afternoon.

Got bacon?

Seattle, WA — Do you have a unique "taste" in life? Do you have a love for bacon? Then we've found the product made just for you--- Bacon Coffins.

Identities released after fatal Robertson Co. accident

ROBERTSON COUNTY -- We now know the names of the three people who died in yesterday's fatal highway accident. DPS officials tell us the driver of the Toyota pick-up was 75-year-old James Jones of Bryan.

College Station man arrested for A&M library robbery

COLLEGE STATION -- It's been two weeks since a Texas A&M student was robbed and beaten in the library and tonight, a College Station man is finally behind bars for the crime.

Waco unemployment less than Texas average

WACO -- For the 6th straight month the Texas unemployment rate has dropped. While the current unemployment rate in texas is 7.1 percent the rate in Waco is even better at 6.9 percent.

Man beats girlfriend holding baby, causing injury to both

WACO -- A Waco man is now in jail after assaulting his girlfriend and endangering the baby she was holding. It happened at an apartment complex on the 4400 block of Lake Shore Drive on December 1, 2011.