Man arrested after barricading himself inside house

WACO -- The swat team had a busy night, trying to rescue a woman, after a known dangerous man barricaded himself inside her home. This wasn't the first time Waco Police have been called out to the 1000 block of Adams.

Local nurseries surviving the drought

WACO -- When it's this hot and dry and using water is discouraged, things like landscaping can go by the wayside. Eugene Houck, from Westview Nursery and Landscape, said he has had less customers in recent weeks.

Texas Farm Bureau: grocery prices up 1 percent

WACO -- Between the drought and high gas prices farmers are hurting. Which means higher prices again at the grocery store.

Confederate license plate may be in Texas soon

WACO -- Controversy is brewing over the plans for a new license plate with the confederate flag on it.

Shooting at local night club

BELL COUNTY -- Bell County Deputies are investigating a shooting at a night club near Harker Heights Sunday morning. It happened just after 1:00 a.m. at Club Inferno.

Red Cross blood supply dropped to critical levels

WACO -- The Red Cross in Waco is asking for people to come out to donate blood because their blood supply has dropped to critical levels this summer.

Waco's Caritas plans for $1.75 million rennovation

WACO -- A $1.75 million renovation is in the works to upgrade Caritas, a non-profit organization in Waco that helps around 2,000 families a month get food and other products.

Man arrested for kidnapping woman

COLLEGE STATION -- A College Station man is behind bars for kidnapping a woman.

Arrests increase with tips to Crime Stoppers

WACO -- Despite or because of the rise in crime in Waco, Crime Stoppers is making record arrest numbers. In the first 6 months of 2011, they've arrested more criminals than they normally do in an entire year.

Temple police warn people of false alarm fees

TEMPLE -- Temple police are reminding people to make sure to get a permit for your home or business alarm system. A law requires owners of alarm systems to have a permit to cut back on false alarms.